HISTORY- With the support of the Ottawa Fringe Festival and the encouragement of Ana Estable Ferrero and Marie-Pierre Kroetsch, the Human Mosaïk artistic mural project was created in 2003 by Jean René. The Human Mozaïk started as a visual arts Fringe event. The main purpose of the Human Mozaïk is to invite and involve the community at large to take part in an interactive and common artistic art piece. The Human Mozaïk mural was first displayed in the Downtown Rideau BIA in 2004 withe help of Peggy DuCharme Executive Producer and Laura Boutilier (Downtown Rideau BIA) .


MANDATE - The Human Mozaïk is a community-based artistic activity that provides opportunities to local residents to participate in the arts. Aimed at creating collective art making and other community-based art activities by joining together to create a Human Mozaïk Mural. Our mandate is to enrich the community through the medium of art in an urban setting (specifically Mozaïk).

A Canadian concept, The MOZAÏK is the first and largest digital artistic Mozaïk mural project in the world. Many people from all walks of life, ages and cultural backgrounds were pixelated by being photographed semi-nude. The MOZAÏK H2O artistic mural is composed of thousand smaller photos creating a larger Mozaïk.

One of our goal is to map Humanity artisticaly as a pixel in order to create magnificent MOZAÏK art and collective art.


ART IN PUBLIC PLACES - Art in public places is a crucial aspect of any city’s planning and design. Public art has the power to transform our daily experiences. It has the ability to turn public spaces into more human and social places. Murals transcend all barriers by fostering art within and throughout the community. The Human Mozaïk works with communities to create images that can reflect and depict various cultures, history or visions of artistic expression. Murals help people of various cultures reveal their history while establishing a common ground.

The Human MozaïK can enhance or improve the City’s quality of life by showcasing local talent, events, activities and businesses. Since it 's also an original medium that beautifies the urban landscape, it certainly enhances the visual experience one can retain from a city, whether being a local resident or a tourist from abroad. The Human Mozaïk enlivens urban spaces by keeping them vibrant, attractive and friendly places.

The HUMAN MOZAÏK H2O can contribute to the well being of Ottawa’s various communities and neighbourhoods by serving as a call to action, encouraging individuals into taking an active part in a common project. The HUMAN MOZAÏK seeks to sprung into action the local cultural community because the community is the pixel, they are part of the art. Come as you are for the love of art.


COMMUNITY IMPACT- Broaden public access to the local arts: The Human Mozaïk makes art more accessible by introducing art into urban environments. The Human Mozaïk provides great opportunities to local communities to participate in and be exposed to the arts.


Participate and pixalet yourself - Participez et pixelisez-vous >>>
Come as you are for art ! - Exposez-vous pour l'amour de l'art !